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Dailey is an athletic combo guard who can play both point guard and shooting guard with the ability to get to the basket as well as shoot well from the perimeter. During her scholastic career, she helped guide Old Mill High School to three county championships. As a senior in 2016 17, Dailey averaged 9.1 points per game in helping Old Mill to a 26 1 record and the Maryland Semifinal Runner up in her junior season of 2016 17.

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Best fans in the AHL are in Wilkes Barre. They unbelievable and I definitely miss it, he said. Can thank them enough and Northeastern Pennsylvania will always be a big part of me. Mayo (4.5 stars) 2nd round, Orton 3rd and tried to fill out w/ guys that had good trade value. Naturally, my team stunk, but after many, many trades, I was able to get the team to 88 overall w/ all starters at 80+ ratings. Anyway, just thought it be interesting to try, but I haven touched the team since.

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